Thursday, June 15, 2006

Laurie Campbell

Readings by telephone are $350.00 per hour.Laurie only reads one client per telephone appointment. Parents that have lost a child can have a telephone reading together. Telephone readings are the same as an in person reading. A sessions last 1 hour. No speaker phones or cellular phones. Laurie does not tape record her readings. You are welcome to tape record the reading yourself. Laurie is very gifted at communicating with pets that have crossed over.
After payment is received, we will call you to setup an appointment date and time. Due to Laurie's filming schedule It can take 1 to 2 months after payment is receive for us to contact you.

Can you believe the balls on this pig? TWO MONTHS?
Hey, who's your spirit guide Laurie, Colonel Sanders?
Don't think you can fool everyone you shit-smear. You should be ashamed.


Anonymous Kimmie said...

Wow. You are all right about this! Bless you for your truth!

Peace and love! Kimmie Rose Zapf

7:08 AM  

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